Huawei, Innovation for better quality of life

Huawei, Innovation for better quality of life

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At the opening ceremony of MWC Shanghai 2021, Huawei’s Vice President Ken Hu talked about the huge impact of COVID-19 on countries, businesses and people worldwide, as well as role technology. playing in the fight against the epidemic.

“Innovation is not just about solving the challenges we face today,” said Hu. “It’s about lighting tomorrow. When we get the pandemic under control, we need to think hard about how we can innovate to improve quality of life, make businesses smarter, and create a more inclusive world.” He explained that while the unequal access to digital technology and digital skills has widened the digital divide, the pandemic has made the situation significantly worse. “We must focus on innovation, bridging the gap between have and don’t, and promoting digital inclusion”.

COVID-19 has created many new requirements for digital infrastructure. Last year Huawei worked closely with carriers to ensure stable operations of more than 300 networks in 170 countries. In Indonesia, Huawei used a new digital distribution technology to rapidly deploy more than 50,000 base stations. In Ningxia, China, Huawei’s integrated routers enable multi-cloud access for corporate users, helping them migrate to the cloud faster and at lower cost. “As we look at recovery, we need to make sure that innovation isn’t just about today. It’s about brightening tomorrow and creating greater social value,” Hu said. Said.

Huawei booths in Hall N1 at MWC Shanghai 2021

Innovation for better quality of life

During his keynote, Hu showed the audience Huawei’s Cyberverse application; An advanced AR application that demonstrates how 5G networks, 5G devices and AR technology can come together to create a more immersive virtual experience, whether it’s a realistic jungle or a simulation in space. . The new application makes it possible to seamlessly integrate virtual and physical realities with high precision, centimeter-level positioning capabilities, massive computing power, and high bandwidth transmission over 5G. Huawei expects Cyberverse to create many new growth opportunities in many industries, including education, entertainment, tourism, transportation, and navigation.

Innovation for smarter work

In recent years, technologies such as 5G, cloud and AI have begun to play an important role in manufacturing, accelerating the transition to smarter and more flexible operations. He explained how Huawei’s own Dongguan South Factory is currently using cloud-based artificial intelligence applications and 5G networks to deliver massive efficiency gains on 5G smartphone production lines.

There are many opportunities in the field of digital transformation. Huawei predicts that 97% of all major companies will use AI by 2025. Other estimates for 2025 include that 55% of China’s entire GDP will be driven by the digital economy and 60% of global carrier revenue will come from industry customers. To achieve these projections, Hu said, “all industries must focus on improving their capabilities, building the ecosystem, and creating value with digital technology.”

As an ICT infrastructure provider, Huawei focuses heavily on 5G innovation to help drive digital transformation of all industries. Noting that Huawei’s innovation focuses on three areas, Hu says technology, products and applications.

Technology: Huawei’s new 5G Super Uplink solution offers unmatched uplink speeds, helping companies overcome a major bottleneck in the industrial Internet.
Products: Huawei’s fully unified 5G edge computing products accelerated the deployment of edge computing sites 10 times.
Applications: Huawei’s Wireless X Labs incubates 5G applications with partners in a wide variety of areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and transportation. With these partners, Huawei is exploring how 5G can help different industries digitize more effectively.
Huawei is also working closely with customers and partners to drive innovation in 5G. The company is currently working with ecosystem partners to develop devices aimed at meeting specific industry needs. Through joint innovation and strategic partnerships with its customers, Huawei aims to enable the expansion of 5G applications for businesses from 1 to N. The company is also trying to coordinate 5G communications and industry standards to scale 5GtoB applications faster.

Hu reported that in cooperation with partners and regional carriers, Huawei has signed more than 1,000 contracts for industrial 5G applications in more than 20 industries.

Huawei Deputy Chairman Ken Hu speaking at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2021

At this year’s MWC Shanghai, Huawei will offer seven new ICT network concepts, including Wireless 1 + N, Home +, Full Optical Bases and Cloud Network Smart Connections in Hall N1, as well as ultra-simplified sites, gigabit home broadband, first-class private lines and smart cloud networks.

MWC Shanghai 2021 will be held in Shanghai, China, from 23 February to 25 February. Huawei’s products and solutions can be found at the E10, E50 and E90 booths in Hall N1 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). For more information, please visit

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