Huawei increases 2020 revenue despite US sanctions

Huawei increases 2020 revenue despite US sanctions

2021-02-25 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Despite US sanctions, Telecom technology leader Huawei announced an increase in revenue for 2020. Thanks to users who love the Huawei brand, its revenues have increased, despite the US sanctions.

Huawei officials said on Tuesday that it recorded a slight revenue and profit growth in 2020, in line with its expectations. Huawei was included in the export blacklist by Donald Trump in 2019. The purchase of critical products was tried to be prevented and the USA said that Huawe was not safe. Huawei has repeatedly denied that it poses a security risk, but the US has not lifted sanctions.

“Huawei faced some extraordinary challenges last year,” said Ken Hu, chairman of the rotating board, at the Shanghai Mobile World Congress industry event. said.

China has spent 260 billion yuan (US $ 40.27 billion) so far to build its 5G network, an official from the Ministry of Information and Information Technology said on Tuesday.