Huawei launches Huawei VR Glass

Huawei launches Huawei VR Glass

2019-10-02 0 By Huawei

launched a new product launch, including Huawei’s Mate30 series, and Huawei’s smart display and Watch , including Huawei’s new .

Huawei Glass, specially tuned for myopic people Glass supports 700 ° diopter adjustment. The left and right eyes can be changed independently. The uses two independent Fast LCD displays, 3200 * 1600 resolution and up to 1058 PPI. Huawei VR Glass has a built-in Huawei VR video platform with 30,000 hours of HD content.

Compared to older VR glasses, the Huawei VR Glass is smaller. It uses an ultra-short-focus optical system, a three-stage folding optical path and 5-pixel high-precision calibration. Weighing only 166 grams, the body thickness is only 26.6 mm, equipped with dual open speakers.

Huawei VR Glass will be released in December. The price of $ 420 is said to be