Huawei Mate 60 series will connect to 5G in 2023

Huawei Mate 60 series will connect to 5G in 2023

2022-09-18 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei recently launched the Mate 50 series and it is a pity that the devices do not come with 5G connectivity despite all the good specs. However, if users want to connect to the 5G network, it is still possible through a phone case. According to the latest report, the Mate 60 series may not require it as it will support 5G connectivity.

A Weibo tech blogger claims that Huawei will likely launch 5G models of the Mate 60 next year. Of course, it will only happen if everything goes according to plan. The report also claims that there will be some chip surprises in the second half of next year. If not the Mate 60 series, the P60 could also get a taste of 5G in 2023.

At the HUAWEI Fully Connected Conference in 2021, HUAWEI’s current chairman, Xu Zhijun, responded to the future development of HUAWEI’s mobile phone business. “HUAWEI’s mobile phone business is really facing huge challenges because of chips. If you want to buy HUAWEI’s 5G mobile phone, you can’t buy it,” he said. But Xu also claims that the company is working hard to get its mobile phone business back on track. Will it finally bear fruit in 2023?

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source: technave