Huawei MateBook Comes With Linux Installed

Huawei MateBook Comes With Linux Installed

2019-09-20 0 By Huawei

comes with Linux installed on the new MateBooks.

It is currently sold only in China and comes with Linux as the operating system.

will not be available for sale in the US now because its release is still on the US banned list. Launched a new, slightly cheaper version of 13, the MateBooks that work with Linux-based Deepin. It’s physically similar to other MateBooks, but it’s interesting that it says “start” on the Windows button.

Those who want to buy MateBook, which works with Deepin operating system, can buy the device from Huawei’s vMail site in China.

The reason for the arrival of the Lünux board; With the Huawei HarmonyOS operating system, US-based Microsoft may not want Windows because it wants to get away from . Or, the company may want to use the remaining stocks with Linux hardware due to the cancellation of the laptop’s exit in the US.

Since Deepin is a Linux distribution developed in China, new Linux-based laptops are unlikely to be sold in the US. MateBooks that work with Ubuntu or Mint can be sold in the US and other countries upon request.