Huawei “Outstanding Solution Cases” and “Outstanding Innovative Technology

Huawei “Outstanding Solution Cases” and “Outstanding Innovative Technology

2021-10-11 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei baged multiple awards at PT Expo China 2021. Its Core Network Autonomous Driving Network Solution and Cloud Native Telco Cloud Solution are selected as “Outstanding Solution Cases” by ICT China 2021 at the Expo, and the “5GtoB One Cloud” jointly built by Huawei and China Unicom is selected as the “Outstanding Innovative Technology Application Case”.

PT Expo China is one of the world’s most important ICT expos. Since its inception in 1990, PT Expo China has become widely known both in China and abroad as a platform that both showcases the latest and greatest ICT-related technologies as well as offering a glimpse of future trends in the ICT industry. During each year’ expo, panelists select and award the most cutting-edge solutions in the ICT industry.

Huawei’s Core Network Autonomous Driving Network Solution – winner of the Outstanding Solution Case award – adopts a “one-body and two-wing” architecture. In this solution, data on the network is aggregated and serves as the foundation or “body” of the system, while the workflow orchestration engine and AI engine, which make up the “two wings” of the system, improve automation and intelligence during the network planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, and operation. With the high automation and intelligence, automatic network-healing can be achieved to ensure a highly stable network, automatic configuration can be realized for efficient network operations, and automatic optimization can be attained to provide users with an ultimate usage experience. Through these efforts, this solution greatly helps operators with their digital transformation.

Huawei also received an Outstanding Solution Case Award for its Cloud Native Telco Cloud Solution. Telecom cloud native is considered an optimal approach for 5G core network construction and Huawei’s Cloud Native Telco Cloud Solution incorporates many enhanced technologies relating to cloud native, edge native, polymorphic resources, and autonomous driving networks. These enhanced technologies, such as dynamic huge page memory, NUMA anti-affinity, storage bypass, and batch system upgrade, help customers build 5G networks featuring high reliability, high performance, and easy O&M, to provide better telecom services and facilitate network evolution.

The “5GtoB One Cloud” co-developed by Huawei and China Unicorn, also received an Outstanding Innovative Technology Application Case award. The “One Cloud”, is a unified and intensive operations platform that features “one-off registration, anywhere access; one-stop subscription, network-wide availability, and one-site innovation, network-wide replication”. In addition, this solution adopts multiple technological innovations, such as the kite-like PNI-NPN solution, the rock-solid reliability solution, edge-cloud synergy, free mobility solution, and DevOps-based agile development and O&M, which together empower companies in diverse industries for their business success.

Building on its successes in the ICT field, Huawei will continue to work with industry partners to further develop innovative 5G technologies that can help unleash the full potential of 5G networks, make networks simpler and O&M more efficient, and accelerate digital transformation of various industries.