Meet Huawei AI Life for smart homes

Meet Huawei AI Life for smart homes

2021-10-11 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei uses Huawei AI Life so all of its devices can connect at any time. It places the smartphone at the center of people’s digital lives and as a starting point to drive the development, adoption of more connected devices, and is focused on delivering an excellent user experience with the goal of empowering each user’s smart and personalized ecosystem.

The Huawei AI Life app allows you to instantly access and manage your Huawei devices with ease. It is an application where you can set up, update and control your Huawei devices by establishing a smart connection with your smartphone, without having to download multiple applications separately.

After pairing or registering your device, you can see it on the home screen of the app and check if it works properly from there. Just as each of your devices has a specific function, the app offers different options built for each.

Taking FreeBuds 4 as an example, you can enable sound quality, HD calls from the app; customize your own profile and even enable the “Find my headset” function to improve the listening experience; How strong a sound will be made so that you can find them.

Even if you have a professional monitor such as MateView, it is possible to control some functions from your smartphone. In addition to being able to control your devices, you can keep them updated.

To easily install security patches and enhancements, you can simply update from the Huawei AI Life app.