Huawei publishes 2020 global DDoS attack status and trend analysis report

Huawei publishes 2020 global DDoS attack status and trend analysis report

2021-03-10 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei has published its “2020 Global DDoS Attacks and Trend Analysis Report”, which makes detailed analysis in three dimensions: attack status, botnet and attack source, comprehensively analyzes the DDoS attack situation in 2020 and predicts the trend of DDoS attacks in 2021. .

Compared to 2019, DDoS attacks are still on the rise in 2020. Attackers use new technologies to consistently achieve significant attack effects, to make their attack methods more complex and diverse, and to increase the density and complexity of attacks, making it difficult for existing defense technologies to mitigate DDoS attacks. The report summarizes various trends and views regarding the attacks in 2020.

Perspective 1: Domestic “net net” governance actions had significant impacts and there was no TB-level attack traffic. On the contrary, the peak of overseas attack traffic continued to be revived. In June, a cloud service reached 2.3 Tbps, the biggest attack in history. Global attack intensity is still increasing, and the highest attack rate is shifting to a high bandwidth range.

Perspective 2: During the pandemic, the amount of time people spend at home increased, which has fueled the online gaming industry and also triggered more unfair competition methods. Among DDoS attacks, UDP replay attacks have become the main killer to tackle gaming businesses right.

Perspective 3: The country is rapidly advancing the development of IPv6. With the advent of the IPv6 era, multiple network IP addresses have double-stack DDoS attacks, and dual-stack defense systems have become a strict need.

Perspective 4: The advent of the 5G era and the continuous development of the digital community has also encouraged IoT botnets to maintain a rapid development trend. Based on analysis of monitoring results, Mirai and Gafgyt are still two mainstream IoT botnet families.

Perspective 5: The digital transformation of businesses and business on the cloud has led to the continued growth of business resources on the cloud. Cloud hosting has become a home for DDoS zombies to thrive. Analysis shows that the distribution of Top3 attack sources from overseas all includes cloud service providers.

Huawei has nearly 16 years of R&D experience in providing professional anti-DDoS products and solutions to the industry. Since 2013, Huawei Weiran Lab has been continuing to monitor global DDoS attacks, analyze and predict the status and trends of attacks, and publish attack trends and analysis reports. Huawei combines the real data of the public cloud, public cloud high defense, IDC industry, finance industry and operators to present the global DDoS attack situation, providing users with a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the threat situation and the security shield for the digital transformation of various industries.

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