Huawei releases Green 5G White Paper for green 5G networks

Huawei releases Green 5G White Paper for green 5G networks

2021-08-30 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Ma Hongbo, Head of Huawei’s Wireless Network SRAN Product Line, published the “Green 5G White Paper” in his speech and gave information on the subject. This whitepaper published the industry-first energy efficiency rating system (E2 (Energy Efficiency)) for green 5G networks, and also took the lead in identifying the technical trends (four directions and eight key directions) of green 5G networks.

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E2, energy efficiency rating system. The whitepaper deepens the definition of energy efficiency in the industry and for the first time turns the concept of network energy efficiency into a viable energy efficiency assessment system. Based on actual grid construction target differences and scenario based differences, current single stream energy efficiency, capacity, scope, experience etc. network energy efficiency and leads the development of 5G networks towards green energy conservation.

The whitepaper explains the key features of the green 5G network from the four aspects of the “Four Modernizations” – high integration of equipment, extreme simplification of sites, network intelligence and full lifecycle environmental protection, and gives the features for the first time the eight main green 5G network technology aspects of the “four modernizations” .

Joint release of the Green 5G White Paper by Analysys Mason and Huawei

1: RF moves towards multiple antennas, greatly improving the bit energy efficiency and energy transmission efficiency of the equipment.

2: Devices are moving towards ultra-wideband, multi-frequency integration to reduce energy consumption.

3: The hardware sleep mechanism is becoming more refined, and the energy consumption of low and medium loads is constantly being reduced.

4: The site is minimalist, go to the computer room and go to the air conditioner.

5: The whole station is moving towards connection, comprehensive energy-efficient use.

6: The network will be intelligent, energy saving and network performance will be excellent.

7: The service carrier is moving towards higher standards, taking full advantage of the high energy efficiency benefits of 5G.

8: Towards a circular economy throughout the lifecycle and reduce reliance on natural resources.

Finally, Ma Hongbo said, “In the current rapid development of 5G networks, Huawei hopes that 5G will accelerate the transformation of the industry and be an important support for a green society; 5G White Paper aims to fully guide the evolution of green networks and help the operator achieve the double carbon target . Huawei will work with operators to build a green 5G network for a dual-carbon win-win.”

source: techweb