Huawei launched the Smart Screen S series and smart home system S 55 “, S 65”, S 75 “price and features

Huawei launched the Smart Screen S series and smart home system S 55 “, S 65”, S 75 “price and features

2020-12-21 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei held today (December 21), smart home, smart display new product launch conference. New S series TV products, S 55″ 60Hz, S 65″, S 75″, S Pro 65″, S Pro 75″ etc. 6 new models are seen. 3299 yuan to 7999 yuan (about $ 510 – $ 1220), according to their specifications. ranges between.

Huawei Smart Screen S Pro display: DCI-P3 has a 75-inch 4K display with Honghu 818 chip, 120Hz refresh rate, 1920 * 1080P HD, HarmonyOS 2.0 installed, supporting Hongmeng games, reaching 92% of wide color gamut. There are also smart karaoke, smart home control, magnetic AI camera, 180-degree rotation design, single touch screen projection, German Rheinland eye protection certification, privacy protection and more.

Huawei Smart Screen S Pro is smooth, the four main technologies of Honghu image quality engine and picture details are very detailed. It has received TÜV Rheinland’s double eye protection certification for intelligent and accurate color grading, precise and moving frames, and low blue light and no flicker.

It provides seamless communication between Huawei smart displays and Huawei children’s watches (currently supporting model: Huawei Smart Children’s Watch 4X). It supports voice calls so that elderly and children can chat without barriers. It is worth noting that the Huawei Smart Screen S series also supports free 4-person 45-minute video calls. You can make unlimited number of redials after 45 minutes.

When the screen is off or on, you can remotely call the smart screen camera to view the mobile phone home status.

Camera: The 13-megapixel AI smart eye camera is magnetically attached and supports 180-degree rotation. You can talk to your loved ones on TV. Huawei Smart Screen seems to have tried to appeal to young people with its many advanced features.

Smart Screen S Pro Sound System :, 4 * 10W high-power speaker has transparent and delicate treble, light and full midrange, 1L wide sound gap, deep and wavy bass, virtual sound field expansion, compatible with HUAWEI Sound smart speakers. With a distributed sound system to provide viewers with a 3D cinema-like sound effect, watching TV will be more fun.

Smart screen S series Platform: Huawei Video, Mango TV, Kumiao, Aurora TV and PP Sports. Five platforms are ready. Millions of music libraries, AiMax theaters, etc. It provides seamless connection between mobile phones and smart screens.

Huawei also launched the “ALL IN ONE” solution at the meeting held today. It combined a whole-home smart host and more than 42 companies to jointly customize the PLC-IOT standard to be commercialized.

We will share other technical features of the models soon.