US Government, Huawei spying charges

US Government, Huawei spying charges

2020-02-12 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

The US continues to accuse Huawei. Huawei charges spying. He says he sneaks into mobile networks around the world. The U.S. constantly blames Huawei, but why does it show evidence.

I think the technology war between the USA and China will continue for a long time. China’s advancement in technology continues to frighten the United States. The US “The Wall Street Journal” newspaper said, “US officials say Huawei has sneaked into networks around the world. Officials who say that Huawei has done this infiltration using the back doors also say the company has been doing this for more than 10 years.”

Huawei responded to the charges. The company officials said, “The US administration announced that they have again filed some accusations without any concrete evidence and reject all of these unfounded accusations once again. Huawei officials stated that such an infiltration attempt is not possible and that the team that is at the center of the charges is very limited and the objectives of this team are the problems on the networks. said that is to resolve

The United States should now show evidence.