Huawei surpassed Samsung in wearable technology

Huawei surpassed Samsung in wearable technology

2020-12-07 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

According to the report of the research company IDC, 125 million wearable devices were sold in the third quarter of 2020. The top selling brands, in order, are Apple, Xiaomi, Huawe, Samsung, Fitbit and Boat.

Wearable smart devices are in our lives and the demand is increasing. Smart watches and smart wristbands have become part of our lives.
More and more wearable technology manufacturers have increased their annual sales over the past year. Product variety, new models are constantly evolving. There are many cheap and expensive models.

According to IDC reports, Apple is the market leader with AirPods and Apple Watch. The second is Xiaomi by selling 17 million smart watches and 12.8 million smart wristbands, and Huawei is the third.

Wearable technology will develop a lot in the future and the demand will increase even more. The best wearable technology huawei watch series we like in terms of price and performance.