Huawei will showcase advanced solutions in Cyprus

Huawei will showcase advanced solutions in Cyprus

2022-12-01 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

On Tuesday, Huawei Cyprus announced that the European tour of the Huawei 5G Roadshow 2022 will also cover Cyprus, and this year’s event focuses on how 5G networks can be implemented in a dedicated capacity.

This will be the second year in a row that Huawei’s roadshow will visit Cyprus. The event called ‘5G Mobile Private Networks’, which will be held on the Cyprus University campus on December 5-8, between 09:00-17:00, allows visitors to discover and get to know Huawei’s innovative products and services.

The highlight of the event includes Huawei’s demo truck featuring the above-mentioned technological solutions. “The introduction of 5G brought a new era in telecommunications, and the dynamics of fifth-generation networks could transform many more industries,” the company said in a statement.

“The advantages of 5G, such as high transmission speeds, ultra-fast response times and high reliability, can be used by organizations operating in various industries by establishing a 5G mobile private network,” the statement said. With Private Network, an organization can operate more efficiently and more securely.

In addition, the company said that 5G Mobile Private Networks are being established very quickly in Europe and it is expected to continue to record significant growth in the next 5 years.

Huawei is participating in many such projects with the 5G Roadshow 2022, which will allow the company to showcase its technologies and solutions in Cyprus. Visitors to 5G Roadshow 2022 will be able to see firsthand how the 5G Mobile Private Network can change the way industries operate, as Huawei’s demo truck is equipped with its own 5G Mobile Private Network.

In addition, real-life examples of 5G Mobile Private Network applications in different sectors will be presented in the event area. According to the company, the small-scale use cases shown as part of the Huawei 5G Roadshow 2022 come from the manufacturing, chemical, shipping and cement industries.

5G mobile private networks are used to perform quality control in the above-mentioned areas using artificial intelligence, remote machine control and logistics automation.

“Augmented reality is another technology that is rapidly adopting,” the company said. “By combining Augmented Reality with a mobile private 5G network, it bridges distances within an organization, enabling seamless collaboration from anywhere.”

The company explained that the unique technological advantages of 5G mobile private networks will play a crucial role in digitizing European industries. “As one of the leading ICT providers worldwide, Huawei’s aim is to contribute to accelerating the digitization of European industries through the use of fifth-generation networks,” Huawei said.

“This year’s Huawei 5G Roadshow with the theme of ‘Mobile Private Network’ is coming to highlight the power of 5G to both the industry and the people of Cyprus,” he said.