Huawei Won 70% of the Bidding for the Inner Mongolia Unicom Project

Huawei Won 70% of the Bidding for the Inner Mongolia Unicom Project

2022-11-29 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

It is learned from the official website of China Unicom that Inner Mongolia Unicom recently announced the winning bid for the 2022 IP microwave equipment project and Huawei and NEC won the tender.

According to the inspection results of Inner Mongolia Unicom, this time 3 companies remained on the short list, namely Huawei, NEC and ZTE. In the end, 70% of the tender was won by Huawei and 30% by NEC. The details of winning the tender are as follows:

First Place: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Tender price: 3410630.00 yuan (excluding tax), 70% of the bid share;
Second Place: NEC Information System (China) Co., Ltd.
Bidding price: 3451000.00 yuan (excluding tax), 30% of the winning share;
Third Place: ZTE Corporation;
Bid price: 3455040.00 yuan (excluding tax).

According to the previous tender announcement published by Inner Mongolia Mobile, this time a total of 133 pieces of microwave equipment will be purchased and the technical parameter requirements are detailed in the table below:
The total budget for this purchase is 3,599 million yuan (excluding tax). The project is not divided into bid packages. The number of successful bidders is 2, the first place receives 70% of the bid, and the second place receives 30% of the amount. offer.

It is also worth noting that this purchase adopts the unit price method and sets the maximum unit price excluding tax for each model. The unit price limit for Model 1 is 23,000 yuan (excluding tax); model 2 26,000 yuan (tax excluded); Model 3 unit price limit is 28,000 yuan (excluding tax); Model 4 unit price limit is 33,000 yuan (tax excluded); Model 5 unit price limit is 38,000 yuan (including tax). Bidders whose bid price is above the ceiling price will be rejected.