Intelligent Customs Solution: Making Cross-Border Trade Easier and Safer

Intelligent Customs Solution: Making Cross-Border Trade Easier and Safer

2021-03-26 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei launched its Intelligent Customs Solution globally during the Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021. Focuses on customs-specific scenarios with emphasis on products, vehicles, companies and places to reach. Comprehensive digital inspection capability makes cross-border trade easier and safer.

Mr. York Yuekun, Head of Huawei’s Global Government Business Unit, said: “Serving 170 countries around the world, Huawei understands the challenges and requirements of customs. To ensure efficient customs clearance and ensure proper declaration, customs services need a comprehensive digital upgrade. Leading global Huawei, an ICT infrastructure and smart device provider, has worked with global ecosystem partners to harness its strength in cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence to create a secure, convenient and efficient Intelligent Customs Solution. “

In an increasingly globalized world, customs are expected to assume new and increasingly important responsibilities to support the development of the national economy and trade. While strengthening trade security oversight, appropriate customs clearance services should also be provided to improve the overall service experience. This is the driving force behind the digital transformation in customs.

Huawei Intelligent Customs Solution Facilitates Digital Transformation of the Customs Industry

With the continuous improvement in cross-border e-commerce, customs officials are facing more and more pressure in the inspection of cross-border packages and logistics. Because of the pandemic, inspection and quarantine is now an important priority. Increasing customs clearance efficiency while ensuring trade security is a universal challenge for customs.

Mr. York Yuekun, President of Huawei’s Global Government Business Unit – 华为全球政府业务部总裁岳坤致辞

We firmly believe that digital technologies will continue to drive the transformation of various industries. Therefore, Huawei will continue to iteratively innovate smart solutions to help reshape the future of smart customs, facilitating its digital transformation that makes cross-border commerce easier and safer.

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