Huawei Launches Digital Tax Solution

Huawei Launches Digital Tax Solution

2021-03-26 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei held the Digital Tax session during the Industrial Digital Transformation Conference.During the session, Deloitte’s tax information expert Marilyn Lu gave an opening speech on digital tax transformation and published a research report – Data + Technology, Tax Transformation Catalyst. He pointed out that the pandemic is accelerating the digital transformation of tax worldwide, which currently has three typical features: technical competence, data driving and data connectivity. On top of that, the transition to the cloud, electronic invoices, big data application and mobile interconnection were considered as the application trends of new technologies in tax administration.

In line with this trend, Huawei Global Head of Customs and Tax Industries Sheldon Wang launched the solution and introduced its technologies (including cloud, artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain). The solution includes logistics, information and invoice flows and provides better tax services with the help of digital technologies by creating three scenarios for e-invoice, e-Revenue Authority and intelligent risk control.

Accelerating Tax Digital Transformation in Three Scenarios

With the accelerating development of the global digital economy, new requirements are emerging in the business environment. Productivity improvement, service restructuring, and improving risk control have become the three main goals of tax digital transformation. To achieve these goals, Huawei works with Baiwang, Servyou and Atos to develop the solution, targeting three scenarios: e-invoice, e-Revenue Authority, and smart risk control. They also encourage service innovation in every tax administration area.

E-invoice (eIN): An end-to-end electronic solution – invoice request, issuance and transfer – has been developed for both revenue authorities and businesses. Transaction information is used for invoice data, whole life cycle tracking and coordinated audit in terms of corporate credit and tax distribution. It is used to formulate lightweight methods for credit, risk management, tax management, and to reduce the reluctance of businesses to pay taxes. In doing so, the scope of taxpayers has expanded significantly and the quality of tax services will improve.

Huawei developed its digital tax solution based on its proprietary smart twin architecture. Provides a governance framework for tax data across technologies and application services. The company uses leading technologies (such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing) to power the solution. Under an open architecture, Huawei is working with more than 30 global partners to promote a sustainable digital transformation ecosystem for the industry.

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