Smart glasses Huawei Eyewear II, what are its features

Smart glasses Huawei Eyewear II, what are its features

2020-10-20 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Introduced two months ago, Huawei smart glasses were launched in Singapore. The newly released smart glasses Huawei Eyewear II has an improved design compared to the previous model. The new model smart glasses have a trendy design. These glasses, which are called Gentle Monster x Huawei Eyewear II, are their best feature to be comfortable.

Huawei Eyewear II has new functions, volume controls and design innovations. It also has privacy protection feature. Its semi-open, ultra-slim speaker prevents sound leaks and has high performance stereo sound.

Thanks to the voice assistant support, the glasses interact with the voice assistant on the smartphone. Since it uses very light material, it does not put pressure on the ear. Plastic titanium was used throughout the glasses. The hinges of the glasses are made of flexible titanium. The handles behind the ear are raised from 12 degrees to 20 degrees, thus making it easier to use.

New model smart glasses are more perfect for listening music, playing games or watching TV. It has an advanced open speaker setup for beautiful sound experience. Adaptive sound technology Eyewear II can automatically reduce ambient noise.

While listening to music, you can slide the handle of the glasses to switch to the previous or next tracks. Sensors that detect when the glasses are removed, can stop the music automatically. If the user puts the glasses back on within 3 minutes, the music continues.

Huawei Eyewear II supports the updated smart motion control. So for pairing, users only need to gently squeeze the handle on the left. Apart from pairing, users have to double-tap the left side to activate the voice assistant.

It has wireless fast charging technology as well as 5-hour charging and NFC contactless payment. Its price is 638 dollars.