South African Telkom to use 5G network with Huawei

South African Telkom to use 5G network with Huawei

2022-11-21 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

South African telecom operator Telkom said on Thursday (October 27th) that it has launched a 5G high-speed internet network using technology from China’s Huawei Technologies. Partially state-owned Telkom is joining a barrage of smaller precedents in the 5G race with larger rivals Vodacom and MTN as it seeks to boost its fast-growing mobile data and fixed-line broadband business as broadband demand rises.

“The COVID pandemic has led to significant lifestyle changes for South Africans due to work from home or school from home, online shopping and an ‘always-on’ culture,” said Fortune Wang, Business Director, Huawei South Africa Carrier.

Wang added that its ultra-high speed and low latency will enable businesses to leverage cloud and artificial intelligence technologies while supporting new services such as online augmented reality and virtual reality gaming and ultra-high definition streaming for South African consumers.

“When Telkom launches, we will primarily focus on providing super-fast 5G fixed wireless access solutions, and as demand for mobile 5G grows, we will support it with affordable mobile offers,” said Lunga Siyo, CEO of Telkom Consumer and Business.

The Chinese company, which has been excluded in the global north due to security concerns that Huawei has denied, dominates Africa as a supplier of equipment to many telecom operators.

source: Reuters