Huawei Rotating President Hu Houkun, artificial intelligence

Huawei Rotating President Hu Houkun, artificial intelligence

2022-11-21 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

In November, the 2022 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference began at the China Optics Valley Science and Technology Convention and Exhibition Center in Wuhan. Hu Houkun, chairman of Huawei Technologies Co., made the keynote speech. 5G + Industrial Internet is developing rapidly and there will be more commercial scenarios in the future.

Hu Houkun introduced that Wuhan is at the forefront of the construction of artificial intelligence computing centers in the country. Less than a year passed from the establishment of the project to its use. The second expansion, “This shows that Wuhan has great potential in the software industry, particularly in the innovation of artificial intelligence applications.”

Taking industrial applications as an example, he explained that industrial robots should be able to control operations in real time, with a microsecond latency, and rely on 5G networks. One of Huawei’s goals is network bandwidth, coverage and more than 10 times the user experience.” Combined with big data for preliminary training so that the company can leverage inclusive artificial intelligence services, to greatly accelerate the innovation efficiency of key industrial activities.”

Source: Editor – Zhao Ke