Huawei says we can do it without Google

Huawei says we can do it without Google

2019-11-27 0 By Huawei

Against US President Donald , is constantly improving itself. Thanks to the ban on and , Huawei has developed further. Huawei continues to develop its own services and applications. Google can do more harm to itself.

Huawei and the Trump administration continue negotiations. If Google accepts the services, it will be available soon. Huawei believes that if they don’t make a deal with Trump, they won’t have any problems.

Zhengfei believes that if we don’t join Google, we will waste time.
He said his relationship with Google was neither good nor bad. said that after signing an agreement with Microsoft and 206 other US companies, they will once again develop the .

Explaining that he has Plan B, Huawei’s CEO said he would launch the Harmony OS operating system if he didn’t join Google. Harmony operating system operating system, an alternative to is being developed.