Alibaba Hanguang 800 Processor, Huawei was Competitor

Alibaba Hanguang 800 Processor, Huawei was Competitor

2019-09-27 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei Ascend 910 artificial intelligence processor rival, E-commerce company Alibaba, announced the Hanguang 800 artificial intelligence processor. No information has been provided for the sale of the Alibaba processor yet. According to the company statement, the algorithm, which takes an hour to process, is said to be five minutes.

Alibaba said he does not intend to sell the processor to CNBC Television, and will use it in his e-commerce system.
We are confident that it will accelerate product search and category e-commerce.

For example: On Alibaba’s e-commerce website, vendors said billions of products were classified faster.

Chinese technology companies do not trust the United States. Companies like Huawei and Alibaba are now developing their own technologies.

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Huawei designed the 5G chip and developed the operating system. Alibaba may also run on the operating system soon.

Hanguang 800
Single chip performance: 78,563 IPS (highest)
Efficiency: 500 IPS per Watt (Resnet-50 Extraction Test)

Hanguang 800 Habana Goya Cambricon MLU270 NVIDIA T4 NVIDIA P4
Fab Process12 nm16 nm16 nm12 nm16 nm
Transistors17 billionNANA13.6 billion7.2 billion
78,563 IPS15,433 IPS10,000 IPS5,402 IPS1,721 IPS
Peak Efficiency
500 IPS/W150 IPS/W143 IPS/W78 IPS/W52 IPS/W
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