Fire report on the Huawei Dongguan Campus building

Fire report on the Huawei Dongguan Campus building

2021-02-26 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

A fire in a Huawei-owned building under construction in Songshan Lake Park, Dongguan, killed three people in September last year. Relevant departments in Dongguan City released an investigation report on Wednesday, February 24. It was stated that the main causes of the fire were welding workers involved in unlicensed work, and the building called the police only 30 minutes after the accident.

Fire, That day, while the welder Li Yunde was working on the ceiling of the dark room in the second northeast corner, the high temperature source slag ignited the microwave-absorbing materials in the dark room, causing a fire. The fire field area is approximately 4,100 square meters, resulting in economic loss of approximately RMB 39.45 million.

Following the investigation, the relevant units, believing Li was working unlicensed and not working according to safety guidelines, were detained and arrested by the police on suspicion of a major occupational safety accident. The supervisor of the inspection station, the civil engineering quality officer and the head of the Department of Housing and Construction of the Songshan Lake Urban Construction Bureau, suggested party and political sanctions by the investigation team for lack of inspection.

Ge Lianlong, the person responsible for the construction site of the anechoic chamber absorbent material, was arrested for failing to fulfill the main responsibility for fire safety. Construction contractor Wang Hai is suspected of issuing resource certificates for Li Yunde and others and will be investigated for legal liability.