Work Shift Calendar (Shifter) AppGallery added, download Work Shift Calendar

Work Shift Calendar (Shifter) AppGallery added, download Work Shift Calendar

2021-02-26 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Work Shift Calendar (Shifter), the critically acclaimed and popular calendar app, is now available for download from AppGallery. The ultra-useful productivity app, especially popular for the workers and the planned, is designed for those who need to edit their schedules on a daily basis.

Work Shift Calendar has already been downloaded close to 1 million via the AppGallery application. More than 30 languages ​​are supported.

Work Shift Calendar (Shifter) offers a wide variety of useful features to help users organize and assist their tasks. For example, the application allows users to configure their shift calendar down to the smallest detail; this includes the option to add the split shift and rest time as well as the details of the various actions required at the beginning or end of each shift.

Users can also set a unique alarm for different shifts to help them quickly identify the upcoming shift without looking at their device.

The app allows users to customize the look of each shift in the calendar through options such as background color, text color and size to help users easily track their planning at a glance.

What’s more, there is even an income setting where users can calculate how much they earn by entering their salary and hours of work and plan according to their income goals.

Work Shift Calendar (Shifter) is free. But to get more features, there is a premium option available for in-app purchases. This professional version offers significantly more customizability and capability, including the PDF format sharing option, shift replication, week numbering, the ability to add images, and more.

María Spreáfico, Marketing Manager at LRHSoft, said, “We are very excited to be built into AppGallery and offer Work Shift Calendar (Shifter) to millions of Huawei users. The process of joining AppGallery and integrating the HUAWEI In-App Purchase Kit was nothing but satisfactory. The team’s commitment to our success is something developers don’t normally experience and provides a lot of assurance. ” she said.

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