Huawei improves urban traffic management with holographic intersections

Huawei improves urban traffic management with holographic intersections

2021-02-26 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Tumeng Technology and Huawei released a joint solution for holographic intersections that strengthen urban traffic management at the Suzhou Research Institute. Tumeng Technology general manager Li Junbiao, deputy general manager Dong Xueli and Huawei’s Chinese government and company OpenLab manager Zhao Xueshan attended the opening ceremony.

Li Junbiao said that existing 5G, dynamic high-precision maps, artificial intelligence, and other high-tech technologies are helping the transportation industry rapidly evolve towards intelligence, connectivity, and service. The transportation industry is also at an important node in digital transformation.

The holographic intersection joint solution brings together Huawei’s machine vision, edge computing, high-precision maps of C-V2X and Tumeng Technology, the GIS-T data center, online assessment and automation optimization solutions accumulated over years of exploration in the transportation industry. We believe that both teams will continue to work in the areas of smart network connectivity and smart transportation, and that higher quality solutions will serve more industry customers with “make the people feel” ICT technology.

Zhao Xueshan said that timely and accurate receipt of traffic data and timely and effective traffic control are the long-term priorities of traffic management.

Huawei and Tumeng Technology jointly create a joint solution for holographic intersections to realize the digitalization of urban traffic management and increase the safety and efficiency of intersections. The solution combines radar, camera, edge computing, high-precision maps and other technologies to digitize and smarten road infrastructure through real-time intersection data collection and analysis, accurately depicting each intersection, each lane with a digital holographic.

Perspective: The full behavioral trajectory of the vehicle provides a good basis for urban traffic management. It is hoped that in the future, the holographic intersection joint solution will be constantly iterated and optimized in the national promotion and replication process to meet the customers’ needs in the transformation and improvement of transport governance.

The joint solution of Tumeng Technology and Huawei Holographic Intersection uses “vision + AI + edge computing” as the technology foundation, generating “comprehensive, accurate, real-time and detailed” traffic data through radar, video and other multidimensional. detection technologies and smart algorithms and drivers Intelligent upgrading of traffic management improves the efficiency of the road network and improves the travel experience. The front-end of the solution is using Huawei HoloSens SDC to achieve “full-time and full-amount” information collection along with Tumeng’s high-precision map to provide “real-time precise and accurate” data and custom indicators for the business system.

In 2021, based on the concept of “an informed focus on the digital transformation of the industry”, OpenLab will focus on the sandbox of China, the Chinese government and enterprise solutions, and will work with “knowledgeable” ISV partners to solve the problem “integration” and “verification” Program from “incubation”. “it matured, enabling it to deliver solutions and serve a large number of Chinese government and corporate clients.”