Huawei Smart Screen X65 is the first device to support the HDR Live screen standard

Huawei Smart Screen X65 is the first device to support the HDR Live screen standard

2021-02-26 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei Smart Screen X65 launched the new version of HarmonyOS - (SP5C00E2R1P2) – upgrade; This version is the first to support the China Ultra High Definition Video Industry Association (CUVA) HDR Vivid dynamic HDR display standard.

It was reported that the HDR Live (Jing Cai HDR) video standard was released by the China Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance. Compared to traditional SDR (standard dynamic range), HDR Vivid emphasizes 40 times its brightness. HDR Live technology enables different display devices to provide the best picture display effect through intelligent computation. Whether it’s a TV, computer or other display device such as cell phones or mobile tablets, illuminating HDR Vivid will activate the entire screen and consumers will see unprecedented rich colors and details on the screen. The increased contrast between light and dark creates a different level and a more three-dimensional dimension, and the time and space shuttle between light and shadow is also misleading and accurate. The more you see, the closer the world will be to you.

This upgrade supports the new dynamic HDR technology standard HDR Vivid, based on the original HDR10 and HLG. Compared with HDR10 static HDR technology, HDR Vivid is a dynamic HDR technology that uses dynamic metadata. It can optimize the brightness, contrast and color according to the scene, and the bright field and dark field area of ​​the display terminal maximize the original intention of HDR content creators and provide users with better more details to provide a visual experience.

More functional upgrades
After upgrading to the new version of HarmonyOS, Huawei Smart Screen X65 has also added a lot of other entertainment and smart functions to keep your smart screen updated frequently. This upgrade is shipped in bulk. If your smart screen asks there is no new version, please wait patiently.

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