Huawei P40 pro can be with 5 cameras

Huawei P40 pro can be with 5 cameras

2019-10-18 1 By Huawei

works for the better after the P30 series. Everything will be announced from the second half of 2020 until next year. But I’m sure the performance of the series will be fine.

Recently, a number of concept information on the internet has revealed different designs, and can be said to be very particularly packed.

After Huawei’s first three-camera and four-lens smartphones, mobile phone manufacturers have developed camera technology. In the next new P40 series, Huawei will be much better. According to the information received, the Huawei can be equipped with 5 cameras and can be vertically shaped.

Currently, there are only four cameras on the market, Huawei will fdark with five cameras if the new machine P40 pro is true. Huawei is always one step ahead of its competitors.

The pro can be a real full screen, with a pop-up screen, a perforated screen and a front-screen camera, and a 2K resolution hyperbolic display.

It is unclear which operating system the Huawei P40 will come with. Then the US is expected to lift the ban on Huawei. system can be installed. If is not installed, the Huawei P40 will be manufactured in accordance with its own Hongmeng system.