Huawei says Chinese companies can use HarmonyOS against the US Embargo

Huawei says Chinese companies can use HarmonyOS against the US Embargo

2021-01-05 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Due to Huawei USA amborgos, many hardware and software started to be produced by itself. Especially because of the ban on using Google, Huawei developed the HarmonyOS operating system and quickly began to integrate it into its own devices. In the latest event, he announced that he has agreed with different brands and that HarmonyOS will be used in different product brands in the near future.

Although the US wanted to exclude Chinese companies from the US stock market, it made Chinese companies nervous. Due to the US ban against Chinese companies, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, said to Chinese companies, “In the event of a possible US embargo, we can help all Chinese smartphone manufacturers switch to HarmonyOS.”

Huawei has made major technological advances for 1 and a half years, due to US bans. As an alternative to the mobile operating system Harmony OS and Google Mobile Services, Huawei Mobile Services etc. He innovated and now proposes to collaborate with Chinese smartphone manufacturers against the US.

Neither Harmony OS nor Huawei Mobile Services are yet in a position to meet the demands of different smartphone manufacturers. First of all, in order for Harmony OS to be used in other smartphones, its kernel must be flexible enough to be compatible with different chipsets and be open source. While Huawei says it will fix this problem in the near future, it’s unclear when it will.

As we understand, Huawei wants to free the Chinese smartphone manufacturers from dependence on Google with HarmonyOS.