Huawei’s new patent, lithography machine

Huawei’s new patent, lithography machine

2022-11-20 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

China, which is one of the world’s largest chip demand markets, has to import a large number of mobile phones, computers and the chips and components of various terminals connected to them from other countries every year. The best known instrument for producing high-end chips is the EUV lithography machine.

Huawei recently announced a patent related to EUV lithography machines, which can improve the precision and efficiency of lithography machines. We do not know when this patent will come to life, but many problems will be solved with Huawei’s new patent lithography machine. They will be able to do the production themselves with the new patent EUV lithography machine.

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Lithography machine: The EUV lithography machine is currently the only tool on the market that can produce high-end chips. Whether it’s a 7 nm chip in a computer or a 5 nm or 4 nm chip in a mobile phone, an EUV lithography machine is needed to produce it exactly.