Operating system of small smart devices “LiteOS”

Operating system of small smart devices “LiteOS”

2019-09-24 0 By Huawei

is a very powerful company in mobile technology. It can quickly deploy a new operating system on any device connected to the Internet, from smart homes to cars and , which can be .

LiteOS operating system will not be installed on phones and tablets. But it can be loaded on many things. For example, the refrigerator, home clock, lamp, air conditioning, door bells, thermostats and such devices will work. In addition, wearable technologies will be installed on the LiteOS operating system.

Lite OS will be a good operating system against and Auto.

Lite OS The size of the operating system is only 10 KB. So it can be installed on many things and works fast. We believe that Huawei will give LiteOS to all developers. Huawei Lite Os hasn’t explained any features yet, we’re looking forward to it.

We will try to give more detailed information about Lite OS on our website.


For more detailed information : https://www.huawei.com/minisite/liteos/en/
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