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Qualcomm Decides to Work with Huawei

Qualcomm Decides to Work with Huawei

2019-09-25 0 By Huawei

’s blacklisting by President Trump made it difficult for US companies to work with Huawei. also put Huawei on hold. Mobile chip maker Qualcomm, made a statement and announced that he will work with Huawei again.

says he wants to make a new deal with Huawei.

Qualcomm for Huawei Key Customer

In August 2019, Huawei extended its provisional license in the US for 90 days. Huawei accepted 130 American companies to do business.

Huawei produces its own mobile chipsets, but most devices use .

Companies in the United States want to continue working with Huawei. I hope other companies like Qualcomm will make the same decision soon.